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8 Best EDC Bag in 2024 to keep your gears (Review)

What is an edc bag? An Everyday Carry Bag is not just a typical bag, instead it is a bag which you spend a huge amount of time with. Edc bags are backpacks which you place your everyday carry gears, usually gears which you need to get by including survival tools.

Even now, almost everyone you know has Everyday Carry items such as your purse, money or identification information. This is the bag that is aimed to ease carrying all of those ‘necessities’. However, if you are looking for a bag that is capable of carrying 3-day worth of supplies, check out this post for the best bug out bag.

For this industry, there is an increasing number of manufacturers which makes it really hard for you to decide on which everyday carry bag you should purchase. This article aims to resolve that doubt


1. Individual First Aid Kit

Individual First Aid Kit

You never know when you or your loved ones would get hurt, accidents do happen and that is when you would require immediate medical attention. Do bear in mind that the number of terrorism attacks and natural disasters are increasing, so it would be prudent for us to take precautionary measures.

What are the expected tools to build a reasonable First Aid Kit? My suggestion is to place one tactical flashlight, one boot knife, emergency blanket, a small roll of tourniquet and a bottle of clotting agent in your edc backpack. This ensures that you constantly have a basic level of preparation for any situation life gives you.

2. Help you manage your everyday situation


Your EDC Bag is great to help you manage and carry small items which you carry in your pockets, such as your wallet and your watch. With proper organizational skills, you can easily manage situations and emergencies.

If you look at your everyday carry bag in a bigger picture, it is actually a manifestation of your lifestyle and philosophy of being prepared.

3. Making sure you do not leave anything behind

Do you frequently leave your wallet at home? Or forgot to bring the housekeys before getting to work? The Everyday Carry bags are great to ensure that you have all your ‘must haves’ with you, making sure that you spend minimal time finding these items.

All you have to do is stash all your ‘must haves’ into your bag. Of course, organizing your everyday carry items in the bag would reduce the amount of time required to find them.

(II) Top 8 Rated EDC bags

Here’s a list of the best edc backpack that I can find. In this list, you can find the best edc sling bag or even the best small edc bag. Who know, you may even find the best edc bag for office too.

Hopefully, this edc backpack review can help you out.

Top 8 EDC bags Comparison Table

Product ImageProductMain Comp.StrapRatingPriceBenefits
Edc Bag
Click For Latest Price7" x 7.5" x 3"Adjustable shoulder strap
with side-release buckle
4.5/5.0$$Condor offers a
solidly built
everyday carry
with tons of
compartment and
a concealed carry
Maxpedition Fatboy VersipackMaxpedition
Click For Latest Price6.5" x 3" x 8"2 shoulder strap
(adjustable from 33" to 48")
4.4/5.0$$Smallest bag
among all EDCs.
Great choice for
storing small items
to carry around
Maxpedition Fatboy S-Type VersipackMaxpedition
S-Type Versipack
Click For Latest Price8" x 6.5" x 3"Shoulder strap and
waist strap
4.3/5.0$Similar to the
Versipack, small
yet sturdy. This S-
Type is suitable for
a 'lefty' as it hangs
on your left side.
Maxpedition Jumbo Versipack Waist PackMaxpedition
Jumbo Versipack
Click For Latest Price8" x 4" x 8.5"Fixed shoulder strap
(adjustable from 33" to 48")
4.6/5.0$$$The Heavy duty
version of the
Maxpedition EDC
pack. The bag is
durable and has a
bottle holder
suitable as a
survival bag.
SHANGRI-LA Tactical Assault GearSHANGRI-LA
Assault Gear
Sling Pack
Click For Latest Price10" x 7" x 4"Adjustable &
removable shoulder strap
4.5/5.0$Most economical
option. The
tactical bag offers
with large storage
Maxpedition Sitka Gearslinger BackpackMaxpedition
Sitka Backpack
Click For Latest Price15" x 8" x 3"Integral 3" ergonomic
shoulder strap
4.3/5.0$$$Versatile and
Maxpedition gear
sling bag. Suitable
for survivalist who
prefer to carry a
fashionable EDC.
Covrt18 Everyday Carry Tactical Backpack5.11 COVRT18
Tactical Covert
Military Backpack
Click For Latest Price19” x 12.25” x 6.5”Quick-attach tension
4.5/5.0$$$5.11 multi-purpose
backpack can be
used as an EDC,
bug out bag or
sling bag. Large
storage with
compartment for
Osprey Packs Talon 22 BackpackOsprey Packs
Talon 22 Backpack
Click For Latest Price19" x 10" x 10"Lower Insideout
Compression/Carry Straps
4.6/5.0$$$Light-weight and
equipped with
tracking pole
allowing you to
keep your hands
free when hiking.

Best EDC Bag



We start off with a condor edc bag review. The manufacturer is Condor Outdoor Products Inc which specializes in making tactical vest, plat carrier and modular pouches. They have been in the tactical and outdoor industry for over 20 years, where they have manufactured several essential gears which are reasonably priced.

The main compartment has a volume of 7 x 7.5 x 3 inches, which is big enough to carry your essentials such as your bottle and other essential everyday carry gears, and small enough for easy movement. The main compartment comes with internal sleeves.

The total size of the bag is 9 inches x 10 inches x 4.5 inches. Overall, the built of this bag is good, especially when you wear it.

There is a front compartment with internal sleeves too, and it has a volume of 6.5 x 7 x 1 inches, allowing you to organize your things.

At the front of the CONDOR EDC Bag, it has a drop-in zipper pocket on the flap, giving you the option of storing things there as well.

On both sides of the bag, it has a webbing which you can place things on.  For example, you can hook a Condor H2O carrier using molle straps here, and you can be sure that it’s secure. It allows easy-access to your bottle, making sure that you get sufficient amount of fluids daily.

Also, there is a concealment pocket with a hook and loop panel, great for concealed carry such as a boot knife.

With these many compartments, you can easily have all your things neatly organized in your Everyday Carry bag, making sure that you do not leave anything behind. The pouch can store small items that are dangerous such as fire starter or other important items. Rest assured that there are sufficient pouches for your use, where you can place a boot knife, flashlights and even let it hold your firearm magazines.

For the straps, they are adjustable shoulder straps with a side-release buckle. There is a waist strap too.

The quality of the bag is great as it is solidly constructed and the bag is great for accepting modular molle pouches if you would like more storage space. 

Since this bag is smaller than most huge travel bags, it would be great for you to bring to your gym or other usual places. There would be sufficient room to store flashlights, a small bottle, headphones, wallets and your cellphone.

This is a great bag for conceal carry because you can easily access different compartments without taking off the bag, as compared to an EDC backpack. It’s great for keeping survival gears too because it’s inconspicuous, with its dull color and ‘normal’ look.

2. Maxpedition Fatboy Versipack

Maxpedition Fatboy Versipack

The bag is a product made in the USA. The material of the bag is mostly made from nylon. The overall size of the product is that its length is 14 inches, its width is 6 inches and its height is 14 inches. It is sufficiently small to be an Everyday Carry Bag.

Let me start by describing how the bag looks in general. The Main compartment has a volume of 6.5 inches in length, 3 inches in width and 8 inches in height. To access the main pouch, you can open the plastic buckle at the front and lifting the flap. Since the cover is water resistant, you do not need to worry about your items being wet. This is a great place for storing electronics.

The is another exterior front compartment, which is 6 inches in length and 8 inches in height. It has a closure flap with a 1-inch quick release buckle. This smaller zip-around front pouch is great for keeping sensitive items such as your wallet or your cellphone (if your cellphone is too large to fit into the phone pouch).

Furthermore, the bag comes with a phone pouch, which has a volume of 2 inches in length, 1.5 inches in width and 5 inches in height. The pouch comes with a buckle enclosure on the right strap base, and it comes with a pen loop.

If you are looking for additional storage, this is the EDC bag for you! The additional storage has a length of 7.5 inches and height of 8 inches. 

The side pocket zips have Velcro straps over it, which is removeable.

On the exterior of the rear, the EDC bag has a breathable padding for comfort. It is removeable and adjustable, so you can modify it according to your needs. Also, there is a 1-inch webbing waist strap with a SRB closure. The padding is made from high-grade closed-cell foam which is great for shock-protection.

The pad on the strap will make it comfortable for you to carry the bags, but you can easily remove it too if you wish.  

There are 2 fixed shoulder strap which can be adjusted from a minimum length of 33 inches to a maximum length of 48 inches. The strap comes with 2 non-slip shoulder pads, and there is a 2-inches quick reease buckle and Keyper attachment point.

My suggestion is to adjust the length to be longer for larger loads.

What about some extra features? This bag comes with a Grab handle made with a webbing that is 0.75 inches, and it has a paracord cinch storm collar to help keep the contents inside cozy, no matter what is the weather.

Also, there is a waist strap which is removable, and there are 3 loops of PALS compatible webbing on the left strap base for attaching other gears (note that it is designed for Maxpedition gears in general).

As for the quality of the materials, the bag is made from 1050-Denier nylon, which is really strong nylon. It is water and abrasion-resistant. This light-weight nylon is also covered with Teflon fabric protector for grime resistance, and it allows for easy-maintenance. You can be sure that the material will not wear-off anytime soon, even if you are clumsy with it. 

The zippers are made from YKK high-strength zippers, while the buckles are made from UTX-Duraflex nylon to ensure minimum noise production. The buckles are really tough, and they will snap securely making sure there wouldn’t be any ‘accident’.

The nylon webbing has high tensile strength because it is made from composite nylon thread. You can be sure that the bag is strong because all stress points are double-stitched to ensure that it has greater strength.

With huge number of compartments, you can store your everyday carry items with ease. You can dedicate a compartment for antibiotics, one for tactical flashlights and another for nail clippers. This bag has rooms for your phone and even deodorant if you need one.

If you are the handyman in the house, you may want to get this EDC pack. Also, this bag is more suitable to be carried on the right hip. If you want to carry your bag on the left hip, you can look at the suggested bag below. This is great for storing smaller items, if you want to store larger items you can get the Maxpedition Jumbo Versipack which I will review below. Both bags are excellent edc sling bags.

If you are using this for self-defense, this is a great pack for you to draw out your firearm with ease. There is plenty of room for everyday carry items. If you are looking for a maxpedition bug out bag, you can consider this bag too.

3. Maxpedition Fatboy S-Type Versipack

Maxpedition Fatboy S-Type Versipack

As stated above, this is the EDC bag which is suitable if you want to carry the bag on your left hip. This is because the Fatboy S-Type rides on the left side of your body, making it more suitable for a ‘lefty’.

However, if you want to reach-out for your concealed-carry items on your right side, you may want this bag because it hangs on your left side.

The fabric of the bag is made from nylon. The bag is coated with polyurethane which makes it water-resistant. Also, the fabric is coated with dupont Teflon fabric protector to repel external elements, making sure that your items are safe even if you bring this bag outdoors.

Let me begin with some physical aspects of the EDC bag. There are 5 compartments for this bag, the main compartment, the front compartment, the rear compartment and 2 side compartments.

The main compartment is 8 inches x 6.5 inches x 3 inches, which is sufficient to keep your everyday carry gears. This compartment has a drawcord to ensure that it’s securely closed. You can stuff your main supplies in this compartment.

For the Frontal compartment, it has a volume of 7 inches x 5 inches x 1.5 inches. This front-most compartment is actually a bit small, where you can only store small articles in there.

As for the rear compartment, it is 8 inches x 7.5 inches.

For the side compartments, the larger one has a volume of 6 inches x 3 inches x 1.5 inches, while the smaller compartment has a volume of 5 inches x 1.5 inches x 1 inch. Do note that the S-type bags do not have the phone pouch.

The side compartments are will give you huge amount of storage space, where you can place your flashlight and first aid tools.

The bag is small enough to fit comfortably on your side. At the same time, the pouches are large enough to store all your everyday carry items.

The bag completely uses YKK zippers and slides, so the quality is assured.

For the straps, handles and modular attachment points, they are made with military-grade nylon webbing. You can be sure that you will feel comfortable wearing it, and it fits securely to your hip even without the waist strap.  

However, when you are not using the waist strap, you may have to wrap it around the top handle to ensure that it does not get in your way, hanging down from the pack. Also, the pack may have a tendency to slide forward if you are walking or bicycling.

As for the buckles, they are made with Genuine Dura flex buckles, which adds strength to it and of course flexibility.

There are large, unseamed panels of 1000-denier coated Nylon. Each of the stress points on the bag is meticulously reinforced with composite thread, ensuring that it’s made for long-lasting use. Moreover, there is an attached integral quick release belt.

You will be amazed by the quality of this bag, proving to you that it is made to last for a long period of time.

This EDC bag is specifically designed for Search and Rescue work, while there is a huge number of pockets for you to place your accessories. This bag is made to carry first aid supplies. Also, this is an excellent grab-and-go gear bag which allows you to draw things from the bag with ease.

This is an excellent bag to bring to your shooting range too, this everyday carry bag has just the right amount of space to store your gun, magazines and other cleaning tools. It is possible to draw your firearm reasonably quick with the EDC bag with sufficient practice.   

Forgot to grab your phone? You can get this bag to put all your ‘must haves’ into it, spending little time to search for what you need.

If you want a bag to carry all your everyday carry items, this is one of the top candidates to consider. Want to keep your phone charger, tablet or wallet? Try out this bag. You won’t regret it.

4. Maxpedition Jumbo Versipack Waist Pack

Maxpedition Jumbo Versipack Waist Pack

This is another masterpiece by Maxpedition. This bag is wholly made from nylon. This is another product for a ‘righty’, made for you to carry on the right side. The color of the bag is wolf gray.

The main compartment has a volume of 10 inches length x 8 inches height. It is covered with a closure flap. The main compartment comes with a drawstring too, which is basically a seam which you can pull to tighten the closure.

Since the opening of the main compartment is large, you can place larger items into this bag. The quick release buckle and the tuck-in flap allows you to have easy access to different compartments of the Everyday carry pack.

There are multiple pockets and dividers in this bag, which makes it great for organizing your items. There are multiple pockets and molle webbing around the bag.

Also, there is a spacious rear compartment that comes with a Hook and Loop interior, which is made for Concealed Carry Weapons (CCW). There is even a paracord cinch pouch fitted for a 1-Liter water bottle, or you can choose to fit in other things such as a radio.

The concealed zippered compartment with the internal loop field is suitable for CCWs as well. This is an excellent place for you to store a firearm or a boot knife.

As for the fixed-shoulder strap, it is made from 2 inches of webbing. You can have 33 inches minimum for the total length, and you can adjust it to a maximum of 48 inches.  Both the shoulder and waist strap are made for quick-release, making it really flexible for you to move around.

The waist strap is removeable too, so you can remove it if you prefer not to have it there. There is a five-channel PALS webbing on the right strap base so that you can attach other gears (primarily made for Maxpedition gear).

There are 2 non-slip shoulder pads that come with this shoulder strap too. It is fitted with a 2 inches quick-release buckle for easy day-to-day storage. It comes with a keyper clip too.

The attachment points are reinforced too!

Also, there is a cinch cord storm collar to help keep your everyday carry items safe no matter what weather you go into.

Bear in mind that this bag is not that big in size, so if you want to store huge items, you may have to select another everyday carry bag. However, it’s still great for packing plenty of items, sufficient for most people.

You will not be disappointed by the construction, because it is extremely good. The layout of this bag is really great too. But, since it is made from heavier materials, it may weigh more.

Since this is a heavy-duty bag, you can bring it outdoors to hiking or hunting. This bag is durable, versatile, suitable for your concealed carry and has a water-bottle holder, definitely made to get you ready for any survival situation.

This bag was designed for a multitude of functions. Want to carry your medical supplies or your everyday carry items, this is an excellent choice. Of course, if you are planning to store a concealed carry, this is the top product to choose.

5. SHANGRI-LA Tactical Assault Gear Sling Pack

SHANGRI-LA Tactical Assault Gear

Before buying this bag, please choose the size properly. The manufacturer offer size options, so you do not want to make the mistake of getting an EDC bag that is either to large or too small for you.

It is made from 1000D high-density oxford nylon fabric, which is known to be a strong and light-weight fabric. With this material, you can be sure that the bag would be highly durable. The fabric is soft and flexible too, so you will feel more comfortable carrying it.

This bag actually comes in 2 options, the standard size and the large one.

Standard Style Size

This bag has a large main compartment, which has a volume of 10 inches x 7 inches x 4 inches. Inside the main compartment, there are 2 internal divisions with 2 loops with an area of 6 inches x 4 inches. The internal divisions are with two 9 inches x 5 inches interlayers, and it comes with one net pocket which is 9 inches x 4 inches, which comes with zippers.

For the frontal compartment, its volume is 9 inches x 6 inches x 1.5 inches. It has an internal division with key retention.

Moreover, there are compartments on the sides as well, which has a volume of 6 inches x 4 inches x 2.5 inches, equipped with a mesh division.

For the top compartment, it can fit only small objects, which is 12 inches x 3.5 inches x 1-inch. It is an elastic organizer with mesh pockets.

Large-Style size

For the larger style, the bag basically has a bigger volume. The main compartment has a volume of 12 inches x 8 inches x 4.5 inches. Similar to the above, it has internal divisions with two interlayers with an area of 11 inches x 6 inches, and one net pocket with an area of 11 inches x 4.5 inches. This compartment comes with zippers.

The frontal compartment has a volume of 12 inches x 8 inches x 1.5 inches, with internal division with key retention.

As for the side compartments, it has a volume of 7 inches x 4.5 inches x 3 inches with mesh division.

Finally for the top compartment, it has a volume of 12 inches x 4 inches x 1-inch, equipped with an elastic organizer and mesh pockets.

Quality of the bag in general

This bag is highly-flexible, where you have a 3-way design, where it can be used as a shoulder bag, a waist pouch or a handbag.

There are more exterior PALS webbing added to the loop field for patches.

As for the zippers, they are really strong too. You can open and close your bag easily, easily accessing your gears.

You can attach Molle system pouches freely on the bag too! The Molle straps are inside the bag, particularly the part that goes against your back. This makes this everyday carry bag to be able for attaching with other packs. 

As for the waist belt, it is a 2 inches adjustable waist belt which has a padded hip support. If your waist is between 28 inches to 56 inches, it should fit you well. The waist belt is concealable too.

The shoulder strap is adjustable and removeable. Furthermore, it comes with attachable shoulder carry belt.

The bag comes with a huge number of straps to ensure that the pack is tight so that the load does not shift while in use. You can keep all the unused straps on the hollow spaces found behind most pockets.

Since this Everyday carry pack is made to hang comfortably on your hips, it would be great for you to bring it for hunting trips or hiking.

Also, the construction of the bag is really tough, and it is really well-built. With this price, you are really getting a great deal for a well-constructed bag.

The stitching is really secure too, making sure that it is made to last long.  However, this bag may not be able to take too much weight although the stitching may seem secure. If you add on heavy weight, the stitching on the Molle may give way.

Generally, this bag is really compact, but it is capable of fitting a lot of stuff. The bag would be strong enough to carry your items for your range trips.

My advice is that you should get the ‘Standard Style’ bag if you are only using it for a day-hike, to keep your ammo for the shooting range, or merely to carry your everyday carry items. It would be more than enough.

The Large-style SHANGRI-LA Tactical Assault Gear Sling Pack is meant for outdoor enthusiasts who wants to keep sufficient outdoor gears and stocks which can last for more than one day. If you are looking for the best tactical edc bag, this may be the choice for you.

But, if you want to use this as a laptop bag, you have to look for another one because this wouldn’t fit a 14-inch laptop.

6. Maxpedition MX431W-BRK Sitka Gearslinger Wolf Gray

Maxpedition Sitka Gearslinger Backpack

Another excellent product from Maxpedition. This bag is categorized in the ‘gear bags and accessories’ category.

Bear in mind that this EDC bag is made for right hand draw, for right-handed use. However, you can pick the left-handed model for this bag.

The volume of the bag is 10 ½ inches x 7 inches x 18 inches. The bag has 14.1 inches of space for your laptop, making it really suitable for bringing it to work.

The material of the bag is 1000-denier ballistic nylon, which is water and abrasion resistant. The material is coated with Triple polyurethane to make it more resistant towards water.

The zippers are made from YKK high strength zippers and zipper tracks for

An excellent bag designed for outdoor excursions or even if you are commuting to office. The bag gives you top-down access to different pockets and pouches, allowing you to access your things with ease.

The design of this bag is highly practical, and the quality is durable. With 14 channels of PALS webbing, an internal organization and allows for you to put your concealed carry.

Also, there are many special features such as a concealed carry pocket, anti-theft zipper capture system, the use of Y-compression strap and Ergonomic Fixed-strap. The Y-compression strap on the exterior front is made from a 1-inch webbing.

The EDC bag comes with breathable padding too, easing your travel with the bag.

Also, it comes with concealable sternum strap with a distress whistle buckle, making sure that you have sufficient support to carry your heavy loads.

For the anti-theft zippers, it concerns the external horizontal zippered pocket with k security strap.

Overall, the quality of the bag is really good, and you can load your bag with heavy items and still not worry about it breaking. 

This would be the only bag you need for travelling, since it is tailored to fit your beloved laptop which most people can’t go without while travelling.

Since this is a versatile everyday carry bag, it can suit most individuals ranging from die-hard survivalist to those who are interested in fashion.

This bag is not too big or too small, definitely suitable for everyday carry or short-distance travelling.

7. 5.11 COVRT18 Tactical Covert Military Backpack

Covrt18 Everyday Carry Tactical Backpack

This Everyday carry bag is a full-featured covert military tactical backpack made in USA with a roomy main compartment. The main compartment has a volume of 19” H x 12.25” L x 6.5” D.

The front compartment has a volume of 11.5” x 9.5” x 3”.

Also, there is a 1.5 liter hydration pocket that has an area of 19 inches x 12.25 inches.

There are secondary storage areas too, which includes an ambidextrous side-entry back-up belt system compartment.

The bag is made from Nylon, where it is made from durable and water-resistant 500D nylon.

Furthermore, this bag has a Roll-down assault compartment which can store a full-sized firearm.

The Quicktact accessory straps at the shoulder can integrate with other tactical gear too. This backpack has other excellent features like reinforced grab handle and padded internal laptop sleeve. Also, there are sunglass pocket and flip-down ID panel.

Also, there are great exterior comfort features like an adjustable sternum strap, comfortable compression straps and it even has yoke-style shoulder straps.

It has YKK zippers and Duraflex hardware. The zippers will definitely work well, and the seams can withstand great force.

The quality of this bag is amazing and you can be sure that it will hold up for a couple of years, with everyday usage.

You can store medical supplies and your work accessories such as your laptop, tablet or chargers and still have sufficient space for other things.

Since the design of the bag does not really make you stand out in the crowd, it would be perfect for a survival situation.

This bag is suitable for survival situations or if you are required to patrol areas. Also, it is great as a range or hunting bag. It is excellent for your everyday carry gears, making it excellent for the above use.

8. Osprey Packs Talon 22 Backpack

Osprey Packs Talon 22 Backpack

This bag has a dual-zippered panel access to the main compartment. The Stow-on-the-go trekking pole attachment makes it really great for hiking.

Also, it has external hydration sleeve and two zippered hipbelt pockets. The BioStretch harness and continuos wrap hipbelt were

This bag is a extremely versatile hiking bag. With 22 liters of capacity, it is really suitable for day hikes, commuting to work or a trip to the convenient store.

The BioStretch harness and continuous wrap hipbelt can give you sufficient support so that you can carry your things in a stable manner.

Furthermore, the AirScape backpanel uses less material, while it is made to be breathable to keep you cool when it is hot.

The bag looks really simple, but the number of features are numerous. The main compartment is sufficiently huge for you to store items, and in that compartment there is a small zippered mesh pouch for loose items, keeping your things safe.

There is a small zippered compartment at the top, which is big in size too.

This EDC Bag also comes equipped with Stow-on-the-Go trekking pole carry system which allows you to keep your hands free even when hiking upwards.

If you decide to carry something lightweight and prioritize moving fast in the woods, this would be one of the top everyday carry bag to pick. The bag is really light and it will be easy to carry it around.

Despite carrying it everyday, this bag can still last for years. But even if the bag is damaged, the bag has Osprey’s All Mighty guarantee where they will repair any damage or defect free of charge. Ince Osprey consistently updates their product, you may get a improved version of it.


Hopefully, the above reviews will help you make your decision on choosing the best everyday carry bag in the market.

It would be wise to first identify your priorities, whether you would want to purchase something which is cheaper, or you would rather not compromise on quality. The bags above have varied designs, being made for various situations.

If you have any comments you want to share, feel free to comment below! 

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